They weren’t very nice and they weren’t very cool

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I met Ian on the first day of school
I thought that he was very cool
He wore my favorite band’s t-shirt
And he was in a band himself
We both had very curly hair
but nothing else we’d really share

The guy that was my on-line friend
cause he lived very far away
He knew good music and poetry
And that is what impressed me
I asked if I could be his girlfriend
He made his mind a little too late

Pete called me his little sister
Which I think was really tiwisted
He was sweet sweet candy stick
So sweet that it almost made me sick
I said that we have to say goodbye
Well… I texted him ’cause I was shy

The last one was real big twat
But I didn’t ‚care cause he was hot
We smoked cigs and blew cherry bombs
And he invited me to prom
I wanted us to have sex
But he was still in love with ex

These are the boys that I dated in highschool
These are the boys that I hated in highschool

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